Looking For The Best Massage Hanoi Has to Offer?

Looking For The Best Massage Hanoi Has to Offer?

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A hanoi massage at BNS Spa

What is considered a good Hanoi massage?

You probably have searched on google many times using keyterms like: “Hanoi massage”, “massage hanoi”, “hanoi massage near me”, or “hanoi massage old quarters”…

You probably went to some massage parlors and spas where you had a good experiences and some that does not live up to the reviews you read on google and tripadvisor. Well, if you have not found the ideal spa for you should not stop looking. The question of “what is a good massage?” is one that only you can answer. Unless you trust the hundreds of reviews you read on the internet from people who, most likely, do not share the same preferences you are looking for in a massage therapy session.

Nonetheless, here are some questions you can ask yourself.

How do you feel about the overall service? Did you feel relaxed walking in the parlor/spa? How did you feel after receiving the treatment? Does your body experience better wellness?

Generally, what you can expect from a good massage experience are.  Firstly, alleviating stress. Secondly, reduce muscle strain or pain. Third and lastly, achieving your expectations. 

What are some benefits of a good massage?

A good massage has many benefit for your wellness.

Firstly, it reduces our level of stress. While we go through our normal lives, stressers are unavoidable. Therefore, the more effective we are at managing our stress levels, the better quality of life we will have. With this in mind, let a massage therapy session help you lower your stress level.

Secondly, a massage improves circulation. In this case, as your muscles and tendons get loosen during a massage session, the blood flow throughout your body improves.

Thirdly, after getting a massage, physical aches and pain will decrease and your flexibility will increase. An experience massage therapist will be able to target stiff spots that cause you pain and help alleviate them. Likewise, as your stiffness is reduce, your body will regain its full range of mobility.

Fourthly, as a massage stimulate the soft tissues in your body, toxins will be released through your blood and lymphatic systems.

Lastly, a good massage can help improve your sleep quality. As a result, this will enhance your overall immunity. Moreover, as your sleep quality improves, you will feel more rested and less tired after your day.

Types of massage in Hanoi you can expect to find.

There are many types of massages in Hanoi. For examples, the most popular ones are:

Firstly, Vietnamese traditional massage. This massage is initially tough on the skin and body. It is also known for being quite powerful. However, after your body is worked in the session it will feel the positive effects right after. This style of massage combines clapping, punching and pressing on your back. This massage is a unique massage experience in Hanoi.

Secondly, hot stone massage. This therapy will help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body. During your session, smooth, flat, heated stones between 130 to 145 degrees are placed on specific parts of your body. At the same time, cold stones could be applied during a hot stone massage to calm any engorged blood vessels and to soothe the skin.

A few more styles

Thirdly, Thai massage. This ancient therapy dates back 2,5000 years. In facts, its origins goes back to India in the time of the Buddha. However, this massage can be a bit daunting. During the massage you will be pulled, stretched, and rocked by your Thai massage therapist. He or she will utilized every part of his body to do this.  To enumerate, his elbows, knees, thumbs, and palms. Although Thai massages are not gentle, they can have many health benefits.

Fourthly, therapeutic massages. Consequently, as the label states, this massage aims to offer health benefits. Moreover, the client and the therapist aims to achieve structural changes within the body. Generally, professional therapists performing this massage are skilled at soft tissue manipulations.  You can expect immediate benefits of this massage feeling calm and deeply relaxed. A therapeutic massage prompts the release of endorphines, the brain chemicals that product feelings of wellbeing.

Lastly, sport massage. This is a special form of massage that is typically used before, after, and during athletic events. Primarily, a sport massage aims to prepare your body for peak performance ahead of or after physical activity. Provided that, you will not only feel good but also have your tiredness drained, muscle tension reduced, swelling increased, mobility enhanced and injuries minimized.

What can you expect from a good Hanoi massage therapist?

A good massage therapist can be hard to find. Generally, when looking for a massage therapist, you should consider a few things.

Firstly, he or she should show a genuine interest in your health and well-being. The spa or massage parlor’s philosophy.

Secondly, they must possess the ability to use differently modalities of healing. This is a clear sign that shows the experience level of the practitioner as well as their passion for the healing art of Massage Therapy.

Thirdly, the atmosphere of the spa or parlor plays an important part in the effectiveness of the sessions.

Fourthly, a great massage therapist must have proper techniques. They are trained in various styles of massages.

Lastly, find a spa or massage parlor where the professionals are reliable, and committed to providing you the most enjoyable service.

Why you should invest in finding a top quality massage and spa in Hanoi?

Why should you not? Obviously, when you seek massage therapy, you want to give your body the best service it deserves. Hence, unless you have experience the perfect massage, good enough is not sufficient. Give you body the chance to truly relax and wind down. As you grow older the body takes a toll. Therefore, it is crucial that we take the best care of our body by finding the best spa and massage Hanoi has to offer.

Living in Hanoi? Massage? How often?

If you have been living in Hanoi for some time, you have experienced the beauty, the history, the culture and also the traffic, the pollution. Along with other stressers in your life, your body deserve a lot of credit. Therefore, booking a massage therapy session once a year can be relaxing, it is nowhere near the amount needed. In short, here are some general guidelines we have found and would like to share with you.

Firstly, if you are an expecting mom: biweekly

*bonus: an expecting dad should also join.

Secondly: if you have trouble with insomnia: weekly

Thirdly, if you sit in front of a screen 40+ hours a week: monthly

Fourthly, if you are recovering from an injury: weekly

Fifth, if you have chronic pain: bi-weekly or weekly

Sixth, if you workout a lot: weekly

Lastly, but certainly not least, if you are going through major stress: weekly.

massage hanoi

A hanoi massage at BNS Spa