Facial – 10 Top Benefits

Facial – 10 Top Benefits

Facials are under appreciated.

Most people are not spending enough self-care budget on facial treatments. Instead, we often spend the lion’s share of our monthly pampering expenses on our clothes, hair and nails. While these things can be replaced easily, the skin on our face is irreplacable. Although, you can pay for expensive treatments such as plastic surgery, your natural skin is always better. Therefore, we should do our best to maintain the health and wellness of our skin through spa facial treatments and routine practices.

What are facials?

Common professional facial treatments will include:

Firstly, a consultation session. To understand the condition of your skin, the esthetician will as you a series of question.

Secondly, the preparations. Here, you will go through a protocol to get ready for your session.

Thirdly, skin analysis and cleansing.

Fourthly, steam. Most facial will have a machine that uses a thin vapor to open up the pores on your face. Consequently, this is relaxing and helps soften up blackheads and whiteheads for easier extractions.

Fifth, deepcleaning. This step includes exfoliation and extractions.

Next, you will receive a facial massage. This process relaxes you and stimulates your skin and facial muscles.

After that, they will apply a facial mask on your skin.

Lastly, they will apply toner, serums, moisturizer, and suncreen if it is still day time.

As a bonus you may get some advice for your skincare routine at home.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should consider getting a regular facial


1. You Set a Facial Steam.

When you attempt to extract acne or blackheads at home your skin might be damaged or scarred. When you go to a professional spa, steam machine are used to open up your pores. This process prepares and softens your skin for other treatments.

2. Receive Deep Facial Cleansing.

Professional takes your facial cleansing to a whole other level. This is does not say that you cannot acquire an adequate cleansing routinely at home. However, the technical equiments and resources spa uses will optimize the cleansing process of your skin at a deeper level.

3. Get Profession Exfoliation

When you are arriving at a spa, you signed up for competent service. Home remedies can only work to a certain extent. Professional treatment can go deeper than the top layer of face. Further, getting a deep exfoliation once a month can help remove old skin cells, pollutions, and toxins that are sitting in our pores. Hence, this keeps our skin radiant, healthy, and fresh.

4. Top Quality Extraction

This goes for acne and blackheads. Contrary to our beliefs your fingers are not enough. You can damage and scar your face trying to remove blackheads and pimples with your nails.

5. Facial Masking

They will know which facial mask is best for the health of your skin. Although you can find different types of facial mask on the market, most of them will do more harm than good. When you are receiving a facial treatment, you can rest assured that you are getting the masks that suits and nourishes your skin.

6. Facials are relaxing.

Let’s not forget the fact that if we find the right spa, your facial session will be a relaxing experience. Endulge in a ambiance that takes you away for some time and let go of your daily worries.

7. Pressure Point Massage

Your facial spa will include a massage session. Your esthetician will massage the pressure points on your face. Facial massage helps rid of toxin from your skin, reduces fluid retention, and stimulates blood flow to your face.

8. Get Helpful Advice

Your spa therapist can tell you the good and bad regarding skincare. If you have questions or concerns related to your daily skincare, this would be something you can bring up during your facial session. You can trust they have the knowledge and experience to give you competent advice. However, if you feel they do not, maybe look for

9. High-tech treatments

One major reason why you should consider visiting spas for facial is the equipment they have. These equipments are specialized and expensive. Treatments utilizing specialized beauty technology can stimulate collagen productions, and promote anti-aging effects.

10. Facials Are Anti-Aging

The goals of facial treatments are to promote cells turnover, boost collagen, maintain healthy skin balance, and stimulate blood flow to your face. Time is passing by for us all. It is unlikely that there will be a magic treatment that reverses time on our skin. Therefore, we should be mindful to do the little things routinely to take the best care of the health of your skin as you age.


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