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+ Aromatherapy Foot Polish

+ Just Ginger Body Polish

+ Traditional Herbal & Coriander Steam Shower.

+ Body&Soul Therapeutic Back Massage & Vietnamese herbal compress.

+ Nirvana Vietnamese Face & Head spa ritual.

+ Seasonal Fruit refreshment

+ Healthy Drink

+ Body&Soul’s Gift.

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Before You Take Cold Medications You Should Consider Trying Vietnamese Herbal Steam Therapies.

This natural healing remedy has been used in Vietnam for centuries.

Long ago, there was Buddhist monk and physician named Tue Tinh. In 1300s, he created the “southern school” of medicine which includes native herbs of Vietnam. This school of medicine distinguished itself from the “northern school”. The “northern school” practices are influenced strongly by Chinese philosophy and medicine. Due to Vietnam’s natural climate and geographical location,  we inherited an extremely diverse types of flora and local herbs. Southern Vietnamese medicinal practices received some influence from Theravada Buddhism. Moreover, it also adopted Indian medical theory due to the tropical zone shared across South Asia.

Vietnamese people are knowned to be self-reliant and resourceful. We devised a pool of folk treatments or “common people’s medicine” to treat a slew of illnesses. Some of these healing methods include cupping, massage, cao gio or gua sha, plucking. However, herbal steam therapy is the most efficient treatment for the common cold .

To defend against the rapid “assault of hostile weather” patterns in this tropical region, herbal steam therapy became the primary line of defense. Steam therapy in Vietnamese means “xong hoi” which directly translates to “penetrating the body with steam”. Steam therapy engages the biological necessity of “inhalation and brings medicated vapors into the body. As the body temperature rises creating sweat and releasing toxins and wastes.

We offer Vietnamese Herbal Steam Shower in  and Nirvana Tet Spa Ritual.