Tay Ho Spa – A World of Wellness and Healing

Tay Ho Spa – A World of Wellness and Healing

The Body and Soul Spa combines the ancient healing methods of the East and West. We have created treatments and therapeutic methods to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

So, are you planning a trip to visit Hanoi?

You should consider taking a break from navigating between sites. Replace the buzzing streets filled with busy traffic with somewhere more quiet. Where you can look inward and reconnect with yourself. Visit a Tay Ho Spa.

Why visit a Tay Ho Spa instead of one in Old Quarters?

Body and Soul Spa is on To Ngoc Van, a quiet and peaceful street in the center of Hanoi’s ex-pat community. Here, you will find many casual but unique coffee shops, bakeries, small boutiques, and restaurants. Body and Soul Spa is 5 minutes from the beautiful Westlake. This is the peaceful side of that most visitors often overlook. When you come to Body and Soul Spa, you will enter into a timeless French colonial villa. The spa is decorated with a unique infusion of Asian oriental style and exquisite Vietnamese decors.

The owner, with over 20 years of experience, has put in a lot of love and dedication into building the spa’s treatments and ambiance. Consequently, one will notice right away upon entering the calming and peaceful atmosphere. Let yourself be transported into another period in Hanoi’s history. We have created an environment that is committed to your enjoyment and relaxation.

How are we unique?

At Body and Soul Spa, we only use the best beauty care products, creams, scrubs, essential oils and masks that are natural and uniquely designed. We have carefully selected from pure botanical and organic sources known for its restorative and detoxifying healing properties. Whether you choose the organic coffee body scrub or the aromatic lavender and rosewood facial, your body and skin will be nourished, invigorated, and glowing with radiance. In addition to natural cosmetics and traditional Vietnamese beauty rituals, Body and Soul Spa also cooperates with other international brands. To name a few, Comfortzone Italian Skincare & Body Care, CND, OPI, DR Term Combinnal, and other high ends cosmetics from Korea.

In addition to quality products, Body and Soul Spa has highly trained professionals with many years of experience. Our team focuses on providing you with the most pleasant spa visit. Our treatments combine timeless healing methods with modern technologies. We have Oxygen Led Light Therapy. We offer Multivitalight Facials. Our services includes Laser Hair Removal and many more. We want to deliver you the most effective and noticeable results.

Body and Soul Spa have designed beauty rituals to treat, heal and rejuvenate. Firstly, your physical. Secondly, your mental and emotional. Thirdly, your spiritual wellness.

We look forward to serving you.

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