Thai Massage – A Complete Guide

Thai Massage – A Complete Guide

Do you want to know more about Thai Massage? You may have seen many signs, posters, and ads in Hanoi saying “massage Thailand”, or “massage Thái”. 

As you know, not all massages are equal. Since, the human body is so unique and diversified. Therefore, certain styles of massages fit better for certain body types. So, what is unique about this particular style of massage?

Here, we will provide you a complete guide on this body therapy treatment. Further, we will discuss what is a Thai massage. Finally, you can expect to learn some benefits it can provide.

Content outline: 

  • What is a Thai massage?


  • History Thai Massage


  • Best practices


  • Benefits of Thai Massage


  • Some Options to Explore
Thai Massage hanoi Vietnam

What is a Thai Massage?

Thai Massage in Vietnam

Also known as Thai Yoga Massage, this theraputic practice originated in Thailand. In recent decades, it is popularized around the world. Moreover, this massage is a traditional healing system that combines several main practices.

Firstly, Ayurvedic principles from India. Arurvedic medicine is among the world’s most ancient healing practice. It is a holistic healing system. It began development over 3000 years ago in India. The originators believes that one’s health and wellness depends on the body, mind, and soul.

Secondly,  acupressure. This practice has roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Namely, the Chinese believe that an invisible network of energy inside the human body. And, the connection points in this network are called meridians. Consequently, acupressure was devised to work with the life force energy through the manipulation these pressure points.

Thirdly, it uses assisted yoga postures. During a thái massage session, your therapist will guide you into some basic yoga poses. The purpose of this is to give your body an extra stretch and direct blood flow to targeted area.

History of Massage Thailand

Over 2500 years ago, there was a physician named Chiwaka Komaraphat. He appeared in Pali Buddhist canon as the physician of the Buddha himself. Since, ancient records remember him to exceptionally skilled his medical knowledge of herbal medicine. Thus, he was famous for having treatment many important people in his time. Hence, Komaraphat is rumored to be the founder of Thai Massage.

However, this theraputic practice combines philosphy of other medicinal systems across Asia. Due to its complex roots, it has developed many variations over time. Therefore, there is not a single framework or routine that is universally accepted among Thai style massage practitioners.

A certified thai style massage therapist must complete a training course that is at least 800 hours. There are a total of 181 schools where aspiring practioners can go and receive training in this treatment method.

Best Practices

Due to the nature of its creation, you will find a variation of styles. Consequently, Thai massage is a practice full of creativity, gracefulness, and intuitiveness of the practitioner. In other words, it is a flowing art. Some prefers strong pressure while others enjoy softer amount of pressure. Not only on the client side but also long term practioner of this healing modality can  develop their own style of thai massage. To name a few:

Northern Style (Royal Thai)

  • Has a strong Indian influence. There is more emphasis given to elements taken from Indian style massage. In details, one can expect more Yoga and Ayurvedic techniques. Northern style reflects the style and pace of notherh Thailand. Thus, it is slower and more gentle.

Southern Thai Massage (Folk Thaí)

  • Has a strong Chinese influnce. This style uses more acupressure technique. For examples, practioners are trained to focus more on opening up the energy network of the clients body. Moreover, southern style is known to be more stimulating. As a result, you can expect to feel refreshed and an increase  in your energy levels.

Verdic Thai Massage

  • Utilized to cures social ailments like stress and bodily inertia. Several ethnic sources influenced this style. For example, these sources includes Tibetan and Indian. Further, some believes, it can manifest instant positive results.

Theraputic Massage

  • This style aims to cure or treat pains and tensions. Further, it involves more complexity. In addition, practitioners using this style go through more specific training.
Thai Massage at Body and Soul hanoi Vietnam

Benefits of Thai Massage

The variety of style puts you, the client, in a favorable position. Thus, you can get a style that best fits  your body. According to Verywellhealth, here are some potential benefits:

Firstly, the treatment reduces tensions and headaches.

Secondly, it lessens back pain.

Thirdly, it eases joint stiffness. Hence, your flexibility and range of motion increase.

Fourth, it reduces muscle pain.

Fifth, massages stimulates blood circulation. As a result, it betters the body’s lymphatic drainage.

Next, certain Thai style of massage boosts energy.

Finally, a thai yoga massage session calms the nervous system.

Some Options to Explore

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