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At Body and Soul Spa Hanoi, our philosophy is focused on restoring your natural beauty. We hope to bring balance to your body, mind, and soul by combining the ancient and the modern, the Eastern and Western ways of healing. All of the beauty treatment rituals at Body and Soul Spa Hanoi are designed to pamper and restore your vitality.


Body and Soul Spa Hanoi was established in 2000. We have been offering our guests world-class services throughout the years. We combine our own line of natural organic supplies, paying tribute to the Vietnamese’s art of healing and beauty care, with modern techniques, and natural beauty products. Body and Soul Spa Hanoi will give you an experience that indulges your senses, rejuvenates your body, and heals your soul.


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In order to achieve our goal to be the best spa Hanoi has to offer, we pay attention to the smallest of details. We train our staff to deliver personal, attentive treatments with a quality of service rivaling five-star hotel spas. Body and Soul Spa Hanoi hopes to deliver an unforgettable beauty and spa treatment experience to our guests. We believe that an excellent experience comes in form of effective treatments and quality service from a team of well-trained professionals.

Our Owner

Spa Design

Mrs. Lai Thanh Tra, our owner, pays meticulous attention to details. She works passionately to build and refine the ambiance and treatments at Body and Soul Spa Hanoi.


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Mrs. Lai eloquently infuses exquisite Vietnamese décor and other Asian oriental styles in a timeless French colonial villa. You will enter into the most comfortable ambiance. At Body and Soul Spa Hanoi you will enjoy a variety of exceptionally relaxing and invigorating treatments.


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The best spa Hanoi has to offer

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