Yin Yang Oriental Ritual

Yin Yang Oriental Ritual

Yin Yang Oriental & The Secret to Taoist Healing

Yin Yang, most commonly known by the Taoist symbol. Perhaps, you have seen this symbol somewhere. In details, there is two parts inside the circle of this Taoist symbol. First, the dark is the yin. Second, the light is yang. However, inside the yin, there is a smaller white circle. While, inside the yang, there is a smaller dark circle. Taoists believe in the Tao, or the Way. This philosphy originated 3rd century BC in China.

Taoist philosophy promote a way of being that embodies wholeness. Moreover, they believe for one to be well and healthy, one need to take care of both the body, the yang, and the mind or soul, the yin. These two energy are relative. They complete one another. The yang, the hard and fast, starts an action, and the yin completes it. The Tao is the way. It is the forces that encompasses everything.

We bring to you Yin Yang Oriental Ritual. This spa package takes inspiration from Taoist philosophy. This treatment modality heals both your body and your mind.

Treatments Included

Aromatherapy Foot Massage.

This is a wonderful treatment for sore, tired feet. Start with aroma scented sea salt foot soak. This will relax your tired feet. During your massage we apply our signature essential oil. Our oil is intended to release discomfort in your feet and enhance your vital health.

Facial Express

This facial is ideal for those on the go. Your skin is cleansed, exfoliated and gently massaged. This lovely facial is finished with nourishing face oil.

Holistic Swedish Massage

Classic stress-relieving, medium pressure technique, using varied strokes of gliding and kneading to promote circulation and an overall sense of well-being.

Foot Reflexology

This healing art of ancient origin uses therapeutic methods of releasing tension by stimulating pressure points. Pressure points on the feet connect directly to the nervous systems, organ, and gland. Body&Soul foot reflexology massage uses our signature essential oils for the foot. They help to improve blood circulation, restoring, enhancing general health, and well-being.


Yin Yang Oriental Ritual will promise you a holistic and relaxing spa experience.

To learn more about Taoist philosophy


110 minutes – 2.130.000vnd

+ Aromatherapy Foot Polish

+ Facial Express

+ Holistic Swedish Massage

+ Foot Reflexology

+ Seasonal Fruit Refreshment

+ Healthy Drink

+Body&Soul Gift.

For booking and information please contact us via bodyandsoultrahanoi@gmail.com or 0904241314.
Thank you.

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